Social Media Marketing

socialmediaWhat are the social media networking sites that can be leveraged upon for Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

Without hesitation, the two names that come to mind: Facebook and Twitter. In fact, business owners have also engaged other popular sites ... LinkedIn, Google +, YouTube and lately, Pinterest.

Social Media Marketing is online marketing which focuses on creating content that engages people in social networking sites to share such content ... "word-of-mouth" recommendations. People are likely to buy a product/service if someone is using or has used that product/service before and now recommending it.

In addition to commercial benefits and rewards, SMM has demonstrated its effectiveness in recent political events in Middle East and humanitarian rescue efforts in 2011's Japan earthquake & tsunami tragedy.

facebookRecently IPOed Facebook is the most well-known and popular social media website with over 900 million members. By allowing business owners to create "Timelines" (previously "pages"), Facebook enable businesses to attract "fans" and interact with them on their page and also drive them to the businesses' full website. In addition, paid advertisements can also be placed for that extra boost.

twitterThe next equally popular social media website is Twitter. Initially, Twitter enabled the posting of 140 character text, just like SMSes, the community has evolved so that images and videos can now be broadcasted. Businesses can use this medium to broadcast to its followers who can be individuals, celebrities, politicians etc.

linkedinLinkedIn provides a platform where business owners can connect with other business owners and build a business networking group of contacts. As such, it is a more B2B (business to business) networking site.

YoutubeAll things video...biggest and most popular video sharing website. Being a service of Google, YouTube is also part of search engine. Visitors can search for almost any topic, be it educational, product information, videos, instructions etc. Business owners can upload their product/service information or/and testimonials for visitors to view with links to their website. In addition, such videos can also be embedded in the web pages.

pinterestPinterest is viewed as the fastest growing social site. Although it is a photo sharing website, it allows users to "pin" and manage images based on themes, such as events (wedding), interests (vintage cars), hobbies (fishing) etc. Pinterest allows its users to share 'pins' on both Twitter and Facebook, which allows users to share and interact with a broad community. Business owners, especially those with niche product/services, can focus on marketing to people who have already expressed their interest in those themes.