Domain Registration & Web Hosting

domainDomain registration is usually the initial step to be taken following the decision to have web presence.

Computers on the Internet identify websites through an IP address. Example 192. 170.3.38. This is not human friendly so registering a domain name such as is the solution.


Elements of DomainDomain name generally consists of two parts. In, the .com is called the top level domain. Other top level domains are .com (commercial), .net (network), etc. 'Yourname' is the unique name. The country extension is reserved for country identification which is usually subject to certain rules.

Partnering IP Mirror, one of Asia's leading Registrar, we provide domain name registration services at affordable prices.


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Web Hosting

hostingWeb host involves is a company providing server space and IP numbers so that other computers on the Internet can find them. These servers store web files in the form of web pages (HTML), graphic files, audio and video files, scripts etc.

Key consideration is to have fast, reliable and round the clock connectivity for the millions of Internet users to access your web content.

Upon a request to 'get' a particular web page is initiated, it travels across the Internet to the appropriate web server and attempts to locate the web page on the server. If the web page exists (request is successful), it will download into the web browser.

Our association with various providers enable us to provide the best choice to meet our clients' hosting requirements, ranging from just web pages to operating full online store with specifically designed web applications.

linuxwindowsUnless specially required, most of the hosting is on Linux web servers with MySQL database as the default database system. The alternative is Windows Server with MSSQL as additional database system. The former, under Open Source Licensing Agreement, is more affordable and hence more popular.

We also provide dedicated server hosting where the whole server is dedicated to storing just one client's content. However, system maintenance and high rental costs mean that this option is usually taken up by bigger corporations.


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