BusinessOnlineCentre was formed to provide a one stop web presence centre to organizations wanting to have successful and profitable web presence.

We have trained, skilled and certified professionals in the field of web development and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) which includes paid (sponsored)and organic placements with leading search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

We have done projects for clients of different industry and organization size. Our professional approach has been and will always be client focused with a listening ear during requirements gathering. This ensures speedy and accurate delivery of services in accordance to what the clients need. Defined methodologies, procedures and documentation contributes to successful projects and clients' satisfaction.

The strategies, methods and tactics we use in carrying out our professional services are ethical and considered white hats. Great care is exercised in maintaining our integrity, professionalism and protecting our clients' interests.

We develop sites with valuable contents which are pleasing and friendly to humans and search engine bots. These encourages visitors' experience while encouraging natural linking and growth.

Partnering IP Mirror, one of Asia's leading Registrar, we are also a service provider for domain name registration. In addition, we provide Linux and Windows hosting facilities for web sites, mail and applications at affordable rates and meeting the clients' requirements.

We believe in giving value to our clients and we, as clients ourselves to others, understand what the expectations ought to be from the service providers ... WE PROVIDE THESE AND MORE !!!